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Adult Cyber Abuse Media News Australia New Powers

Adult Cyber Abuse Media News Australia New Powers

Taking the lead to enact targeting of perpetrators in our connected world. Adult Cyber Abuse Media News Australia new powers.



Internet policing for many entities seem to be receiving some positive changes in the land down under.

Identifying trolls and protecting victims appears to be the new goals set forth into law.

Striking a balance also is included in the fight mounted against abuse!

Bravo Australia!


Sky News Australia comes this media presentation.
The nation’s top internet cop is set to be given greater powers to identify internet trolls and crackdown on harmful content.
New legislation will be introduced to parliament today to boost the capabilities of the eSafety Commission, allowing them to tackle serious adult cyber abuse.
The laws would allow the Commission to target perpetrators beyond social media, including on platforms like online gaming forums and dating apps.
National eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant said her office needs the tools to identify online trolls and protect victims.
Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said the legislation strikes the right balance between respecting freedom of speech and protecting people against cyber abuse.

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