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Wake Up Call Use Other Communication Platforms

Wake Up Call Use Other Communication Platforms

Wake Up Call Use Other Communication Platforms watch

Here is a media presentation discussing news about Facebook reaching a compromise with the Australian government. Wake Up Call Use Other Communication Platforms watch.

Many of us are automatic in our communication and sometimes a news article prompts one to rethink our position. This post is not advocating any one decision at a given point. Evaluate your own circumstances using the example provided. Draw your own conclusion.

From a leader’s perspective ask yourself these questions. Prompt your team into action to contemplate any necessary changes now.

  • How dependent is your organization on each platform?
  • Why use the platform?
  • Who owns the platform?
  • What are the short and long term risks for my organization?

Evaluate and then re-evaluate these communications regularly.

SWOT your data and team about each platform. You should be prepared to re-think your commitment to each platform and consider other new platforms in the marketplace.

The example below comes with a unique warning and is included for educational purposes only.

With thanks to the source.

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Chris Griffith is a reporter from The Australian News group.
The Australian’s Senior Technology Reporter Chris Griffith says while Facebook has reached a compromise with the government, its news ban was a “wakeup call” for businesses which heavily depend on the platform.
Mr Griffith said Facebook’s move which extended to deleting posts from a children’s hospital, domestic violence support, health services, Indigenous health support and many businesses brought home to everyone “how dependent they’ve been on Facebook”.
“It’s a wakeup call to organisations across the country that they need to think carefully about whether they want to have their Facebook page as their main point of contact with all their supporters or followers,” he told Sky News.
“I think it’s a pretty dangerous situation we’ve arrived, whether Facebook’s a good citizen or not, that we have a private organisation actually as the main channel of communication.
“I’ve seen the last few days a number of news organizations and others start to say you can contact us on our website … or via our apps.
“I think organisations and businesses generally should really promote the other ways of contacting them, so they don’t have their eggs in one basket”

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