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Understanding Cost Price Value Differences Media

Understanding Cost Price Value Differences Media

Ever find yourself in a position on valuing your creative work for clients or your own purpose? Here is a deck Understanding Cost Price Value Differences Media.


Our sources include Mr. Chris Do and his game plan originator  Mr. Blair Enns. You should love your work and love talking money when dealing with your work.

I have read Blair Enn’s work and find it enriching for entrepreneurs. Recommended reading Win Without Pitching.

Furthermore, when you mix Enns and Do’s minds then it becomes a must read…and share.

Chris’ and Blair’s LinkedIn addresses are included.

Learning to have the money conversation starts with understanding the differences between cost, price and value. Here’s a quick guide on the differences to help you sharpen your game. Blair Enns— “Those who don’t talk about money don’t make it.” #winwithoutpitching #BlairEnns #pricingstrategy #pricingcreativity

Chris Do.


Blair Enns completely changed how I view business, as did you Chris. Thank you for sharing. When we understand and embrace the ideas behind money we shift power back to us, and away from the client – this helps us lead the conversation and really determine if we are a good fit for each other. It also helps you think through different approaches during your initial chat too.

You didn’t introduce house prices and salaries. This meant nothing. Only people are real, not brands. People are willing to pay what they believe the value is and they have been lied to for donkeys. Try again.

Cost Price Value Agency World
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