Emerging Technology

Emerging Technologies in Public Safety

Emerging Technologies in Public Safety

The Implications of Emerging Technologies in Public Safety


The emergence of advanced vehicle technologies demonstrated by autonomous vehicles claimed as the game changers. The Implications of Emerging Technologies in Public Safety.

Emerging Technologies in Public Safety

Emerging Technologies in Public Safety

Traditional Driver Advances include technologies such as parking assist, in-vehicle navigation systems, and sensor-initiated braking all designed to benefit the driver operation. These features designed to improve the experience complement the driving experience. The possible impacts of these technologies include over-reliance and potential for malfunction.

Autonomous vehicles present different implications. The future of self-driving vehicles implied no driver interaction with the automobile. However, recent crashes have highlighted driver intervention and awareness still was required by the driver at all times. Maybe fully autonomous driving has further distance to travel for the perfection of this emerging technology?

One major impact of this possibility is a legal one. Driving laws and rules, liability in crash situations, and the role of law enforcement all need to be amended to account for the presence of autonomous vehicles on the roadways.

Roy Alan Cohen in his article, “Self-Driving Technology and Autonomous Vehicles: A Whole New World for Potential Product Liability Discussion,” states that “understanding potential product liability for self-driving vehicle equipment by applying existing statutes and case law is clearly a work in progress, as the products and technology is developing and not easily applied in comparison to other products” (Cohen, 331).

This is one example of emerging technology on public safety.


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