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2018 Review Social Media and SEO Issues read

Review Social Media and SEO Issues read

2018 Review Social Media and SEO Issues read

As the year draws to a close what did we learn in 2018? Between two social media Facebook and Twitter platforms. 2018 Review Social Media and SEO Issues read.

Social media platforms like FB have modified their service to average users over the past year. Learn from our experience what to do now.

2018 Review Social Media and SEO Issues read
2018 Review Social Media and SEO Issues read

If you use a plugin called Revive Old Posts then you are likely aware of the issues during 2018. The plugin did not work and a lot of time was clocked in trying to fix the issue between FaceBook and the third party plugin provider. Read the history of the plugin to gather the scope of the issue.

Thankfully the matter has been resolved and showcases the frustrations between WordPress users, the plugin provider and a social media giant named FB!

Does Revive Social work with my existing WordPress version?

We test our plugins with each new version of WordPress thoroughly to make sure there are no issues. Also, if our users report any issues, we’ll fix them quickly. Rest assured!

WordPress editor and SEO change.

With the introduction of the new WP editor came an interesting conflict that remains unresolved today. As of December 4, 2018, Yoast stated not to rush to the new editor and remain on 4.98 for the present. WP 5.0 was released in December and Yoast are scrambling to change their SEO plugin.


So our advice boils down to: if you can wait, wait. 

When you upgrade to WordPress 5.0

When you upgrade, please, as always: make a backup. If you have a staging environment, please use it. If you don’t have one, and your site is critical to your business, get one. This goes for every major software release though, not just this one.


In summary, these were two major issues we experienced in 2018 using WordPress. We hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you. Contact us if we can help you deal with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and other technology issues.

What transitions do you need to make? Http:// for more details.

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