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Web Development and Management Banner

How to approach web development? We can offer real-time solutions that work using tools such as WordPress, Themes, Social Media plugins to automate communication and marketing. Web Development and Management Banner.

Web Development and Management Banner

Web Development and Management Banner

This site uses all these tools and more. If you need professional advice regarding this topic then drop us an email today.

Search Engine Optimization

How to use SEO tools? Learn how to maximize your website presence in search engines to reach your audience in today’s marketplace.

SEO Site Checkup – an example read out from // reported 94/100 score – a site we own and manage.

The image from GTmetrix reports page speed and other details for this site.

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Gary Black

I am an organization professional with a Master’s in Technology and Human Environments. Organizations of all types need leaders, and the advanced knowledge and skills possessed through lifelong experiences in management, prepared for helping a company to meet and exceed its vision, mission, and goals. Furthermore, I completed several advanced courses in topics in technology management as well as seminar courses, a capstone project, and observation or mentor program participation. The capstone project focused on Augmented Reality in higher education and the workplace.

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