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How To Train People Using Emerging Technologies

How To Train People Using Emerging Technologies

How To Train People Using Emerging Technologies

Business owners and managers seek training professionals who can create training programs that directly support corporate initiatives that are responsive, scalable, easily accessible, and consistent. How to train people using Emerging Technologies?

The question is more important today than ever.

Below we attempt to breakdown some research information for you.

This is not exhaustive in content but a snapshot of the source documents. Feel free to comment below.

Emerging Technologies in Workplace Training read

In recent years, technological advances require leveraging to meet the training demands in place today in many industries. However, the human side of the equation often presents a double-edged sword in the widespread adoption of new tools.

Emerging Technologies in Workplace Training read
Emerging Technologies in Workplace Training read

Resistance to change becomes a major stumbling block for trainers (Ketelhut & Niemi, 2007).

Furthermore, management has to focus on the culture of the organization.

One example reported was If management operates a conservative business practice, then employees generally follow their lead.

An analysis of the Pew Research Center survey data presented that technology, the majority of Americans prefer familiarity with new innovation (Kennedy & Funk, 2016).

Management and trainers must take on the role of technology shepherd to convince stakeholders involved that the new approach was worth the risk.

Conversely, individuals who make up the current workforce rely on tech-savvy devices and software which in turn positions the employee as a valuable asset in the adoption of new technology.

“How employees use technology outside of work says a lot about the possibilities to bring smart tools inside the organization (Levy, 2015).”

Moreover, the research found 28% of Americans consider themselves to be early adopters of technology provides a window of opportunity that can be utilized by trainers to find traction for new approaches (Kennedy & Funk, 2016).

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