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Resource Review Google Jamboard Remote Teaching

Resource Review Google Jamboard Remote Teaching

Resource Review: Google Jamboard Remote Teaching video

This is a snapshot for instructors contemplating using technology in their teaching plans. Resource Review: Google Jamboard for Remote Teaching video.

Reviewing technology and how leaders implement it is the focus of this post. Full credit to the owner of the resource for all material included in the production.

Resource Review Google Jamboard Remote Teaching
Resource Review Google Jamboard Remote Teaching

Our reviews present information for you the reader to research into more details.

Style Tutorial

Presenter Sam Kerry – his post includes information about other issues instructors may include using this technology.

Goal to demonstrate: How to create interactive remote lessons

Technology used: Google Jamboard.

Duration 12 minutes.

Comments: Over 1200 at time of review. Include additional problem solving notes.

Views + 1 million since June 2020. 33k likes <300 dislikes.

Need another opinion?

You mentioned in the video you wished there was a way to lock the features to your jamboard. You can create the jamboard and save it as a picture. Then make a new jamboard, insert the picture you created, resize as needed and add new features on top of the picture. That way students won’t be able to make changes to the content.
Alternative and complementary resources found to support your continuing research.

Learn how to use Google Jamboard, an online interactive whiteboard, for remote teaching.

In this week’s education technology tutorial, edtech enthusiast Sam Kary shows different ideas for how to create interactive remote lessons using Google Jamboard.

Interested in the latest Jamboard updates that were released in August 2020?

Watch Sam’s other video about it here:…

Google Jamboard can be used for synchronous or asynchronous remote teaching, and of course can be a useful tool for promoting interactivity in the classroom as well.

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