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Review: WWP Hourly Pricing Coaching Presentation

Review: WWP Hourly Pricing Coaching Presentation

Review: WWP Hourly Pricing Coaching Presentation Video

Here is our new review and snapshot information for you. Review: WWP Hourly Pricing Coaching Presentation

Author Shannyn Lee from Win Without Pitching.

Duration of Clip: About 3 minutes…


This is a snapshot summary on the subject of moving past hourly pricing into value pricing your work.

The information is concise and provides the audience with some insight to planning a change in your pricing method.

This is not an exhaustive piece, rather a conversation starter which should tempt the audience to investigate the subject and materials provided.

Links provide access to the value material that comes with many praises from consumers via Amazon.

Check out the video, links and information yourself.


How Moving Past Hourly Pricing Is Good For Both You, and Your Client

Shannyn Lee from Win Without Pitching reveals how having different pricing strategies optimizes the most value possible for not only your client, but for your own profitability as well.

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