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Chris Do Presents How to Make Money Discounting

Chris Do Presents How to Make Money Discounting

Chris Do Presents How to Make Money Discounting video

Grab your notepads, digital recorders, any device or instrument, your eyes and ears. Here is a masterclass in discounting creative works by Chris Do How to Make Money Discounting video.

How To Discount And Make Money (Whiteboard Edit)

Latest video release shown in this post from master class originator Chris Do. Search YT for the full video if you enjoyed this shorter cut.

This is an edited version of his full lesson in the art of business for creatives like you.

Pure Gold. Watch enjoy share.

List of key points, links and other resources by The Futur Chris Do and his team provided below!

Comments from YT channel

really useful, the Reverse Sale point is great.
I was already typing, “You said never to discount!!!”

How to discount and trigger sales.

How to respond when a client asks you to discount.

What should you say when you’re asked to discount your services?

Are there exceptions to when it’s okay to discount?

How principles like: anchoring, scarcity and urgency impact your decision to buy.

The psychology of buying and price.

Want a deeper dive?

Typography, Lettering, Sales & Marketing, Social Media and The Business of Design courses available here:

00:00 – Start 00:25 – Why You Should Never Discount

01:00 – Exceptions to Discounts

02:00 – *Tip* Buying in Bulk

03:45 – *Tip* Telling A Good story

04:05 – *Tip* Early Payment

05:00 – How Nike Charges For Shoes

05:15 – Anchoring

06:30 *Tip* How To Use The Anchor Bias

07:00 – Scarcity in Time

07:40 – Scarcity in Quantity

08:00 – Decision Making

08:40 – The Reverse Sale

11:00 – *Tip* How To Use The Reverse Sale For Yourself ===


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