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We offer services to business and other professionals seeking information on the following subjects. Services VCM Consulting.

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Services VCM Consulting


Business Planning

Every business is unique and taking the time to prepare a plan is key. Here are three steps we find important in the service offer:

  • Initial discussion to understand your basic needs.
  • Review your existing materials ( examples include draft business plans, financials, market research, competitors, etc.).
  • Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and fees for the project.

Business Leadership

How to maximize your style skills to reach your team in better ways and increase business.


We specialize in helping employees in both large and small businesses better communicate with each other, which ultimately makes the business more efficient and operate smoothly.

Cognitive Strategies

How to use online databases, social bookmarking and bibliographic management tools to locate, organize and share information

Exploring Classical Theories of Communication.
Exploring Cognition and Learning Environments.
Existing and Emergent Models of Communication Technology.
Learning, Discourse Theory, & Paradigm Shifts evident in education and training.

Emerging Technology

New technologies introduce emerging tools for personal productivity, training/education, and marketing/customer service areas require examination in terms of policy, implementation issues within organizations, and applications. Ethics, privacy, and security will also be addressed.

Coordination and Delivery of Information Using Digital Technology

An ever-growing range of options is available for delivering information via digital technologies, including web-based tutorials, online courses, video conferencing, multimedia presentations, computer-assisted instruction delivered over a network or at a free-standing machine, and, using wireless, handheld devices. Therefore, the tools needed to coordinate these technologies will be addressed from the viewpoint of a developer and content manager.

Collaborative Tools

We analyze and synthesize the context and need for collaboration in today’s workplace. Evaluate online collaboration tools for distributed teams. Understand communication and team management in the Project Management Life Cycle. Comprehend how to choose and use the right collaboration tools.

Apply and use project management software.

Multimedia Design and Development

Major theories in the field of electronic design and development, advanced development tools in the context of actual design and development projects. We communicate the theory of design and development with advanced tools.

Multimedia Tools

The broad range of multimedia tools, including the skills considered core skills required to function in the asynchronous environment. We communicate how to use tools include the efficient use of email and file sharing and editing in a collaborative environment; also includes tools specific to the development of tutorials, presentation media, and other development tools.

Web Development and Management

How to approach web development? We can offer real-time solutions that work using tools such as WordPress, Themes, Social Media plugins to automate communication and marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

How to use SEO tools? Learn how to maximize your website presence in search engines to reach your audience in today’s marketplace.

Privacy and Security

We communicate some of the basic issues confronting technology users, especially those in today’s workplaces.  Designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers, freelance consultants, and anyone who works with technology but in organizations which may or may not have IT departments.



Augmented Reality subject in adult education environments.

Education standards – see Research above for an example.

Business and Academic Writing

Research Methods

Theories and methods of research appropriate for human sciences and analysis to benefit our clients. Designed for human intelligence into various research subjects that we specialize in and can help you within your organization. From human behavior to new technology we have several examples of work completed.

Research Methods – Health

Here is an example featuring research into health issues with a partial response.

Research – Education

Here is an example featuring research into education issues with a partial response.